Domestic Water

The Lake Chelan Reclamation District draws all of its domestic (drinking) water from Lake Chelan.  Even though our lake is one of the cleanest in the nation, federal law requires that a community of our size must have a water treatment plant when surface water is the source.  We have a state of the art treatment facility that treats all of our water.  We monitor water quality each and every day to be sure that our drinking water is pleasant and safe.

To view a copy of our 2021 Domestic Water System Plan click HERE.

LCRD provides drinking water to the water meter.  All plumbing after the meter is the responsibility of the customer.

It is the customer's responsibility to insulate the meter and DCVA box during the winter months. LCRD recommends placing insulation in a garbage bag, to keep it from getting wet, and placing it below and above the DCVA in effort to prevent it from freezing.

High Pressure: In order to provide water service to all areas of our district, some services will have high water pressure and will need to install a pressure reducing valve (PRV) on their main service line to protect their personal pipes. 

Low Pressure Zone: LCRD is required to provide a minimum of 25 psi at the meter, which is located at the edge of your property.  A private booster pump system will be needed if the psi at your house is not adequate. You are responsible for providing power, the private booster pump and for maintaining it.  

Shut Off Valve:  The District recommends that every customer install their own shut off valve directly outside the meter so that they can turn on and off their own service lines.  We do not allow the customer to get inside the meter box and turn the meter on or off.


LCRD bills its utility customers bi-monthly and in arrears. For example: January and February utility statements are mailed out on March 1st and due prior to March 31st.

Domestic Water Rates: Minimum Residential rate (1 ERU) is $8.00 per month, for 700 cubic feet (1 cubic foot = 7.48 gallons) and excess is billed at $5.429 for every additional 100 cubic feet. Commercial water rates vary depending on meter size and the number of ERU's.

Late Fee: One percent (1%) or a twenty dollar ($20) late fee, whichever is greater, will be assessed each month.

Posting Fee:  A $10 posting fee will apply when the District posts a shut off notice at your home for non-payment.

Turn Off Fee: Shut off's are on the second Wednesday following the due date. If your meter is shut off due to non-payment, a thirty dollar ($30) fee is charged to your account.

Turn On Fee:  If you were turned off due to non-payment, a thirty dollar ($30) turn on fee will be charged to your account during normal business hours (Mon-Fri, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.) and must be paid before the meter will be turned on. If payment is made after 4:00 pm and you wish to have the water turned on, a ninety dollar ($90) After Business Hour fee will be charged to your account.

During the cold winter months, please remember to insulate your water meter and DCVA.  We recommend placing the insulation in a garbage bag (to keep the insulation from getting wet), and then putting the bag on top of the meter.  Failure to do so may result in cracked meters and pipes.

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