Our irrigation system was completed back in 1972 and irrigates the vast majority of the North Shore of Lake Chelan from Green's Landing all the way in to the lower parts of Union Valley in Chelan.  (That's just behind Wal-Mart)! There are over 73 miles of pipeline that the District maintains in order to reach all the irrigable lands within its boundaries.  Often during the hottest times of the year, we draw in an excess of 150 acre feet of water from Lake Chelan and pump it throughout the District.  When you convert acre feet to gallons, you'll see that's equal to over 48 million gallons of water each day!  The irrigation system is not potable water and should never be consumed.

2017 Federal Irrigation Comprehensive Water Conservation Plan 

Federal Irrigation

The Lake Chelan Reclamation Irrigation System provides irrigation to 1808 customers in the Lake Chelan Valley. The water comes directly from Lake Chelan next to Mill Bay Boat Launch.  Irrigation is billed as an annual assessment from January 1 - December 31st, however the irrigation water is only available from April 1st to October 15th.  Federal Irrigation water is not treated and should never be drank or consumed.  Irrigation water is provided to a turnout.  The customer is responsible for all plumbing after the can.  We recommend you install a good filter system and a pressure regulating valve to protect your system from high pressure situations.  See our newsletter "What you need to know about using Federal Irrigation Water".

Domestic Irrigation

Approximately 250 acres of irrigation water rights are delivered through the domestic system.  The allotment of three acre feet per acre is credited to the domestic meter only after the annual irrigation assessment is paid in full. The annual Irrigation Assessment is mailed to you in February and is due in full by April 1st.  Even though this is an annual assessment, the allotment is only available between the months of April and October.

Several water users over the past year have run into excess charges due to the usage of their entire irrigation allotment before the irrigating season was complete.  The water bills are designed to keep you appraised of the irrigation allotment on your meter and the balance remaining.  It is important that you monitor this irrigation allotment and manage your irrigation use accordingly.

The 2024 Annual Irrigation Assessment is billed at $277.97 per acre plus a $179.46 per parcel delivery fee.  Any excess domestic irrigation is billed at $5.429 for every 100 cubic feet over your allotment.

The District does not approve the use of yard hydrants and stop and waste valves as they leak often and are not always detectable.

What do I need to know about the Federal Irrigation Water?

How do I read my irrigation meter to see if I am staying within the system demands?

Water rationing occurs each year around the first of June. At that time water use is typically reduced to 6 gallons per minute per acre as the system begins to reach capacity. Your flow rate can be measured by observing the flow meter in the turnout. Count the number of revolutions that your register turns in one minute. For meters two inches and smaller, this count equals the number of cubic feet per minute. For three or four inch meters multiply the revolutions by 10 for the number of cubic feet per minute. Six inch meters must be multiplied by 100. Once you have the cubic feet per minute multiply the rate by 7.48. This equals your flow rate in gallons per minute. This rate should be compared to your acres, multiplied by the appropriate rationing rate.

Rules Of Thumb For Water Use On Lawns And Gardens

A Little Bit Of History

A contract was made between Lake Chelan Reclamation District and the Bureau of Reclamation in 1971 to provide irrigation water to the Lake Chelan area.  Contract conditions included the following: