How do I apply to hook up to water and sewer?

Application forms for water and sewer hook ups can be obtained by clicking on the "Forms" tab on our website, or by mail, email, phone or fax.

How much are the hook up fees for water and sewer?

2024 rates for water and sewer hook ups are as follows:

Water: $8,000 per equivalent residential unit (ERU) for a 3/4" water meter and backflow prevention assembly

Water: $8,750 per equivalent residential unit (ERU) for a 1" water meter and backflow prevention assembly

Sewer: $9,000 per equivalent residential unit (ERU)

Both fees are payable 30 days prior to LCRD completing the installation. Tap fees, road crossing fees, latecomer fees and/or gravel fees may apply in addition to the above hook up fee.

What are the base rates and how much water do I get for the base allotment?

Sewer: $63.00 per month, per ERU, paid bi-monthly and billed in arrears.

Domestic Water: $38.00 per month, per ERU, paid bi-monthly and billed in arrears. The base water allotment is 700 cubic feet per month per ERU.

I own a summer home and want to have my water and sewer services shut off during the winter months. Do I still have to pay my bi-monthly utility bill?

The base water and sewer rates are required to be paid on a year round basis whether you use the water or not. You may decide to physically turn off your water in the event your pipes from freeze and break during the winter months, however you will still have to pay the base rate. Base rates are designed to cover the fixed costs of the District and are not a function of water use.

I rent my home out and my rental agreement requires the renter to pay for water and sewer. Can you put the bills in the renter's name?

As a service to our customers, we will provide renters with a copy of the bill. The bill will remain in the owner's name as they remain ultimately responsible. Under irrigation district law, the water and sewer fees are appurtenant to the land and are a lien on the property. Be sure your renters provide you with sufficient deposits so that you can pay the bills if they move out without paying for water and sewer, as you as the owner will be responsible

What is an irrigation assessment and how much is my irrigation allotment?

The majority of lands in the Lake Chelan Reclamation District have a water right with the District. This water right is appurtenant to the land and requires the payment of an annual irrigation assessment. The base irrigation allotment is three acre-feet of water, per acre of land. Most irrigation water is delivered by separate or shared meters on the irrigation system. Some irrigation water is delivered through the domestic system on the same meter as your house meter.  Here is some important irrigation information:

What is Domestic Irrigation?

Approximately 250 acres of irrigation water rights are delivered through the domestic system from April 1 to October 15th.  The allotment of three acre feet, per acre, is credited to your domestic account only after your irrigation assessment has been paid in full (no partial payments).  In order for you to receive your annual irrigation allotment, you must first pay the assessment.  Many customers find that they forget to pay their assessment on time and get billed excess water charges.  Excess water is more costly than if the assessment had been paid when due.  If you pay your irrigation assessment late, the allotment is given on the next billing cycle.